Your mission is our mission.

Newberry is dedicated to supporting our clients and their respective missions. Our focus is two-fold:

Delivering and/or defending leading edge IT solutions
Providing direct support for Mission Operations


Public / Federal Sector:


Newberry is an advocate to the Department of Defense’s Mission of securing our nation and ensuring direct support of the War Fighter. We directly support this mission through advanced and streamlined Cyber Security and Information Technology Solutions, assuring the security and protection of the net-centric enterprise infrastructure.

Photo credit: Cpl Jonathan W Cheney from Deep Operation Iraqi Freedom Weapons Co, 1st Battalion 7th M



Newberry Group understands the importance of our national agencies. Whether it’s protecting our food supply, safeguarding the health of our citizens, or providing essential human services, the sustainment, protection, and advancement of our nation’s critical infrastructures are paramount. We provide essential support through superior Cyber and Information Technology services.

Intelligence Community (IC)

Newberry supports the IC mission to conduct intelligence activities considered necessary for foreign relations and the protection of national security. To stay ahead of the technology curve, and aggressive adversaries, we provide Mission Enabling IT Services, as well as direct Mission support in the areas of Cyber Network Operations - Defensive/Exploitation/Attach. 


Newberry is committed to helping DHS prevent against, prepare for, and respond to domestic emergencies, particularly terrorism. Newberry has strategically built our capabilities around providing and defending the critical infrastructure vital to our national security, as well as Mission Enabling IT Services and Technology to all component agencies.

Commercial Sector:

Newberry is recognized and respected within the Public & Private sector for the support and protection we offer our clients. Through innovative ‘Next Generation’ Technology Solutions and Services, up to and including full Information Technology operational support, cyber security and technology related solutions, we protect and preserve intellectual data, strategic agendas, and competitive advantages.