Newberry Group Cyber Security What Motivates Us?

Delivery of a Signature IT Experience based on the model of employee ownership.

We bring professional excellence and technical innovation.

We believe in shared capitalism.

We know balance and diversity matter.

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Creating Value for Our Clients

Organizations trust Newberry because we scale and align with client-critical information systems and technology requirements. Newberry Employee Owners continue to explore next practices in technologies and services that create value for our client’s missions and global enterprises.

A Culture of Empowerment

Newberry upholds the idea of shared capitalism - we equitably share financial prosperity through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). By supporting the entrepreneurial spirit, we build employee satisfaction, commitment, and retention. This culture of empowerment positively impacts our clients, and provides a “Signature IT Experience”.

Being Different is Good

Newberry Group embraces diversity in the work force – differences in backgrounds, work styles, thoughts, and opinions bring value to our clients, company, and employee owners. We encourage a healthy professional and personal life balance.