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Monday, June 09, 2014

Case Study: Optimizing Barracuda Load Balancer to Meet Web Application Demands

Barracuda Load BalancerChallenge:

A regional energy cooperative wanted a way to provide seamless application availability for their customers and scalable performance for future growth demands. Their current Barracuda Load Balancer and Oracle ERP solutions were deployed by a 3rd party using a method that would significantly impact performance and scalability in their  virtualized environments.  With a deadline on the horizon, they needed a solution that offered both flexibility and availability while minimizing complexity.


Newberry conducted a network and infrastructure assessment and found that the current Load Balancer and ERP deployment would only meet a fraction of the organization’s web application demands.  Newberry’s engineer worked closely with the customer to fine tune their Barracuda Load Balancer and rebuild their Oracle ERP system from the ground up while keeping the principles of scalability and application uptime at the forefront.


Newberry enhanced the organizations ability to manage and scale critical application environments by:

  • Creating custom Load Balancer services and rules to automate application failover, rewrite URL requests for cross-platform compatibility with Oracle, and utilized URL redirection to simplify end user navigation during their initial orientation.
  • Tuning the Load Balancer’s application layer for session persistence and Layer 7 health monitoring.
  • Clustering the Load Balancers together using High Availability for seamless failover and web application availability.
  • Identifying I/O performance bottlenecks in virtual and networking environments.
  • Redesigning the customers ERP architecture by reducing complexity and adding additional nodes which resulted in doubling the amount of concurrent users and sessions available.
  • Training and knowledge transfer with System and Network Administrators covering operations, maintenance and advanced troubleshooting.

Why Newberry Group?

As one of the few Barracuda partners that can support the entire product line beyond what was required by this customer, Barracuda immediately turned to Newberry to make this project a success. Newberry’s Barracuda-certified engineers brought their in-depth knowledge, experience and passion for technology that was needed to exceed the demands of this time critical project.

Posted by: Nicholas Trifiletti
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