Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis

A Holistic Approach to Securing Your Assets.

A proper incident response extends beyond traditional forensics and must include comprehensive malware analysis abilities. By understanding the ability of malware, responders can provide a tailored solution to catch clues and evidence that others miss.

Our Expertise

We work closely with the US Department of Defense and major corporations to identify, analyze, and contain malware on a daily basis. Our expertise includes:
  • Targeted Malware: Newberry analysts regularly examine malware attacks hitting US DoD and Fortune 500 organizations, understanding their unique tactics
  • Exploit Analysis: Newberry doesn’t just analyze malware, we identify how the attack occurred and how to strengthen your defenses
  • Network and Host-Based Analysis: Malware analysis doesn’t end at the executable. Analysis of network logs and hard drive sectors can provide a timeline for attacker activity on your network

Malware Analysis services include:

Reverse Engineering

Newberry provides reverse engineering and malware analysis products at a variety of technical levels. From simple identification and triage to a detailed targeted analysis, we can answer your direct questions about the impact of malware on your network.

Detailed Reporting

An analysis is only as good as its final report. Newberry provides extensively detailed reports that pertain uniquely to IT staff and management, while retaining critical technical details to train technical staff in future detection.

Payload Analysis

Modern, sophisticated malware no longer acts according to the rulebooks. Newberry analysts seek out payloads left by malware, from encrypted keylogger databases to detailed reconnaissance layouts. Don’t just study what the malware was designed to do, determine your actual compromised assets!