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Our Team

The Newberry Cyber Security Practice is an experienced team of highly-skilled and certified cyber security professionals. Globalization and consumerization continue to change the security threat landscape. We are committed to developing competencies, solutions, and services for next-generation security problems to ensure mission enablement and the protection of operations, business infrastructures and security interests.

Our Solutions

Threat Management

Risk Management


Network Perimeter Security

Your network perimeter security is the first line of defense in the protection of your data and corporate digital assets. Newberry can identify solutions that allow your network environment to be protected as well as allow for scalabilty.

Insider Threat

Your biggest threat to your data and proprietary information is likely employees who work for you. They already have the access and may have motive. Newberry offers solutions that can detect and deter suspicious activity by your employees and the data they have access to.

Web Application / Web Site Security

Business on the web is a must to stay competitive. However, antivirus defenses are unable to completely protect against the numerous threat vectors associated with Web 2.0. With the volume of sensitive data being posted to blogs, wiki’s, and social networking sites Newberry offers solutions and services to help keep you and your business safe.

Disaster Recovery

Your corporate data and electronic communication is the life blood of your organization. Enabling your network environment to provide this data to your customers as well as your employees is of utmost importance. Newberry offers solutions that allow you to back up and recover data such as data at rest, email, and social media content.

Secure Remote Access

Today's business model requires your customers and employees be able to consistently and securely access your network. You need to be certain that only the right people are accessing the appropriate data and network segments. Newberry offers solutions that provide for secure access as well to your network resources.

Enterprise Malware Protection

Malware can seep into your IT network from multiple vectors. Once in, it can be difficult to identify, much less stop and remove it. Newberry offers solutions that are designed to work with your existing infrastructure to identify, quarantine, and defeat malware resident on your networks.

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

No longer will typical prevention techniques provide the level of security required to stop the multi-phased attack approach in use by today's hackers. You require a solution that provides security across multiple vectors and can detect and defeat threats before they access your valuable data. Newberry offers solutions that provide a full suite of protection against known and zero-day attacks.

Continuous Visibility & Monitoring

Knowing what is on your network is the first step in understanding how to protect your network and data from unauthorized access. Newberry offers solutions that provide detection and quarantine of unauthorized devices on your network to include those that access locally and remotely.

Cloud Security

Storing data and applications in the Cloud is no longer a mysterious option for today's business model. It is now a necessity. As with all aspects of an IT environment, the Cloud comes with it's own security requirements. Newberry can ease your mind and develop the right solution for trasmitting and hosting your data center in the cloud and accessing web and email resources through the cloud.

SIEM & Network Forensics

One of the keys to protecting your IT environment is understanding the data that your current network resources provides for you. Newberry provides solutions that allow you to analzye all available log and machine data and combine it with deep forensic data capture at both the host and network level for true enterprise visibility.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Password protection is no longer enough. Today's data breaches can be minimized through the use of multi-factor authentication which combines common and creative authentication procedures to fortify your networks and your data.

Data Protection, Encryption, & Crypto Management

How to protect your data is always your top priorty. Today, much of your data is in motion as well as residing in the cloud, in storage, or locally. Newberry provides solutions that enable you to protect your data where it resides, detect access behaviors, encrypt that data, and securely manage the crypto keys that are used to protect it.

End Point Security

Network endpoints such as computers, phones, and tablets are always going to be your primary source of security vulnerabilities. The mobility of users adds to this problem. Newberry offers a number of solutions that have the ability to reduce the viability of these attack vectors by securing the data on the endpoints, securing the data being transmitted to and from these endpoints, and securing the data in the event the endpoint is lost or compromised.

Mobile Security

It’s clear that any security infrastructure must include accommodations for mobile devices. Mobile devices, which primarily include laptops, tablets, and phones are as prevalent today as fixed computers. Even if an organization does not officially allow mobile devices to access their network, it is still necessary to incorporate mobile security into their IT Security Plan.

Social Media & Online Threat Protection

Your company's and employees' presence on social media is at the forefront of your corporate image and marketing program. You must ensure you are not falsely represented or that your employees only access what you want them to. Newberry provides solutions designed to protect against social media fraud and impersonization by eliminating fake, fradulent, and spoofed accounts for your organization and its key personnel.

Threat Intelligence

It's one thing to have information about threats to your data, network, and users. It's completely different to be able to understand that data and allow you to apply action against it that enable you to secure those assets. Our threat intelligence solutions allow you to do just that.

Security Program & Policy Development

Newberry aligns your business practices with contemporary risk models and effective governance to protect and support sustained growth. We provide recommendations for your team to implement, or we can manage and guide the process of establishing best practices in your organization. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Security Architecture & Engineering Consulting Services

Newberry designs enterprise-focused security solutions that support your specific business objectives with information and technology. The focus is on the IT elements that function to sustain the system’s quality, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Regulatory Compliance Assessment & Auditing

Regulatory compliance is the unified goal of corporations and public agencies to comply with laws and regulations, including standards such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, or FISMA. Newberry’s comprehensive audits assess and document your compliance to managerial, operational, and technical standards specific to your industry. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Certification & Accreditation

Newberry’s certification and accreditation (C&A) services deliver the expertise and documentation you need to achieve compliance to applicable standards such as NIST, DIACAP or DODIIS, as well as industry best practices. For more info, download PDF brochure.

Security Test & Evaluation

Effective Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) examines application, middleware, data or infrastructure safeguards, to determine their security posture; are they properly implemented and are they working correctly. Our comprehensive execution of a deep ST&E carefully inspects your technical environment using various manual and automated processes to give you an accurate security control evaluation. For more info, download PDF brochure.