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Internal Threat Management

Case Study: Internal Threat Management

Words which would tip school administrators that a fight is pending are exchanged via personal webmail at a K-12 school.

Visibility to such correspondence would allow the school administration to assess the nature of the potential conflict – whether there is bullying or harassment taking place, etc. With advance visibility, an opportunity may also be presented to intervene and prevent the conflict altogether.

The school district maintains a view of security tools as a necessity for keeping kids safe as they go about their activities on the internet. The preference, however, is to draw upon technology as a means of educating kids about considerate and responsible behavior. Rather than using technology to establish a set of barriers that will ultimately only serve as challenges to tech-savvy kids, the district’s philosophy is to utilize tools and resources that help kids grasp the risk of inappropriate internet behavior.

In addition to using technology to educate kids toward creating a safe school environment, the district will encourage them to consider the long-term effect of careless internet activity. Often kids don’t consider the implication of activities such as “sexting” images of themselves or of careless posts to social media sites such as Facebook. Such activity can lead to unintended harassment or to having a negative impact on being hired for a job or accepted to college.

Drawing upon a combination of industry-leading tools and assessment experience, LuciData was able to provide visibility to concerning network activity. A network-based analysis tool provided a “snapshot” of student behavior which alerted the administration to the “health” of internet activity. In addition to generating a sense of heightened alertness for the faculty, the school was able to tighten some of the blocking rules for web filtering as a result of the LuciData report.