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iPhone Analysis without the iPhone

Case Study: iPhone Analysis without the iPhone

In this case study, LuciData received a corporate-issued laptop used by an employee who departed for a direct competitor.  We were asked to investigate claims of dual employment and theft of intellectual property.  While analyzing a forensic image of the laptop’s hard drive, we located an iPhone ‘backup file’ that had been created when the subject’s personal iPhone had been connected to the corporate laptop.  Contained in that backup was (among other items) an extensive text message history, containing both incoming and outgoing messages complete with date and time the messages were sent.

After reviewing the message history, we established a timeline whereby the employee accepted employment at the competitor while still being employed by our client.  This fact was critical in showing the state of mind of the subject at the time of departure to the competitor.  Supplemented by additional evidence that IP had been taken, we were able to assist our client in securing a temporary restraining order while we investigated the extent of what IP had been taken and its disposition.