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Digital Forensic Investigations is the use of specialized, technical processes along with standard investigation techniques to uncover facts and evidence from digital devices, networks and the Cloud. Our experience extends across all digital infrastructures.

Our Expertise

We have conducted digital forensic investigations for customers including global law firms, corporations and government agencies. LuciData uses the latest and most widely recognized court-proven methodology and tools to recover, preserve, authenticate, analyze and present relevant electronic data. LuciData can accelerate discovery, producing results at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Our experienced data forensic consultants assist you through all phases of the legal process from initial fact finding to the close of your legal matter or investigation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Devices: mobile devices including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile
  • Code: Malware Analysis
  • Data: Imaging and advanced live acquisition of volatile and non-volatile data

Digital Forensics Services

DataTheftData Breach Investigation: Investigate data breaches to determine both the method of entry and the scope of the event, as well as profiling and quantifying the data loss. We also offer Incident Response services – Incident Response Plans, forensics and full eDiscovery.



embezzlementLitigation Assistance: Perform electronic discovery or a full digital forensics investigation in support of disputes such as IP theft, fraud, class action law suits, unauthorized data deletion, harassment, human resource violations, wrongful termination, misuse of social media, document validation or spoliation.



WrongfulTerminationInsider Threat Investigations: Employee theft and embezzlement, intellectual property violations, misuse of company property, harassment and embezzlement are all common insider threats. We analyze digital evidence pertaining to various internal matters to determine the facts surrounding an event.



present evidenceExpert Testimony: We have extensive experience and success testifying in a court of law or tribunal as to the general nature of digital evidence and the facts surrounding the specific evidence in a dispute.