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eDiscovery Collection

LuciData will assist with all manner of data collection.  We are available to perform full forensic imaging of everything from servers to cell phones.  We are also available to guide your self-collection with advice about methodology, record keeping, and technology.

Data collection is the starting point for most ediscovery matters.  While there are certainly upstream activities to consider (preservation, identification, information management), collection and the accompanying organizational efforts are a fair place to step into the ediscovery process.  Well-documented and thorough collection establishes the foundation from which the subsequent steps of processing, hosting, and production will be successfully completed.

The following documents are useful in managing your data collection.  In the event that LuciData is engaged after collection is completed, we will back-fill this information as it is instrumental in managing the processing, hosting, and production of the electronic evidence in the matter.

Identification and Collection checklist.  A document which will facilitate the identification of the myriad sources of potential evidence.

Custodian Worksheet.  A very basic worksheet that is used to cross-reference identified custodians and their data sources.  This document is updated and referenced throughout the project.