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LuciData’s ediscovery division is a full service litigation support facility.  Our staff are equipped to handle all tasks associated with the evidence life cycle:

Collect – our engineers can create the most defensible computer images or our consultants can discuss self-collection.  Of course we will also work anywhere in between in accordance with the needs of the case and advice of your legal counsel.

Process – We license and own up-to-date software and equipment to quickly and accurately convert your collected data into review-ready evidence whether for delivery to you for hosting and review or for loading into our hosted review platform.

Host – Your evidence is hosted on our secure servers.  You can review documents from any web browser – Windows, Mac, even an iPad.

Produce – We can produce your documents to any specification.


How We Operate:

Openness and Honesty:  Initial consultations and scope of services calls prior to the start of each job are free. We strive to give our clients the information they need in a clear and concise manner to make the best decisions for their case. Our forms and questionnaires streamline project scoping and ensure thoroughness.

Simplified Billing: All of our fees are discussed up front.  Data sizes can be unpredictable so we offer alternative billing structures including flat fee pricing and volume discounts to help stay within your budgets.

Rigorous Communication: We maintain an open path of communication based on a project-specific communications plan.  We have dedicated project managers for all projects and also designate contacts with your organization  that will be copied on all correspondence regarding routine operations and emerging problems.

Asset Based Data Handling: We consider your electronic data to be a valuable asset.  Every piece of media (CDs, flash drives, hard drives, etc.) is photographed, numbered, and entered into our inventory tracking system upon arrival to our office.  Processing, loading, review, and production can all be tracked back to the original data delivery.

Online Document Review: We securely host your electronic evidence in an easy to access system which requires nothing more than a computer connected to the internet.