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Annual eDiscovery Cost Estimating Calculator

This calculator provides an estimate of an organization’s electronic discovery costs, based on data from published sources and LuciData’s market intelligence.

Enter your annual revenue, choose millions or billions button and hit “Calculate” (eg. if your revenue is 27,400,000,000, just enter 27.4 and choose the billions button)


The results have been simplified for reporting here on the website. For a more detailed chart tailored for your organization’s discovery workflow please contact LuciData.

Are you looking to reduce your eDiscovery spend?

LuciData can reduce your costs by building efficiencies into your eDiscovery workflow.

As example, we take a company with $10 billion in annual revenue. The “Current” chart shows eDiscovery spend as calculated above for a typical company and the “LuciData” chart shows eDiscovery spend when an organization implements LuciData’s workflow efficiencies and services; Saving them $2,067,800 (27.5% annual savings).

eDiscovery Comparison Chart

eDiscovery Cost Savings

Find out what your organization’s cost savings could be, Contact LuciData today.