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Leave nothing uncovered. Leave nothing to chance.


LuciData is a multi-disciplined consulting organization specializing in the dynamic subject areas of Computer Forensics, eDiscovery and Data Security Services. Our experience in understanding how these three distinct domains interact within the framework of an organization is the basis of our methodology.  The complexities of today’s business environment require an integrated approach to litigation prevention and response.

Jeremy Wunsch founded LuciData Inc. in 2002. Mr. Wunsch began his career as a data recovery engineer and was one of the founders of the computer forensics program at Ontrack (now Kroll-Ontrack). After Ontrack, he continued to help companies start forensic divisions. In 2002, encouraged by several companies he had helped develop foreniscs divisions, he started LuciData headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Important Dates in LuciData History:

  • 2005 – LuciData opens it Denver, Colorado sales office
  • 2006 – LuciData opens is West Des Moines, Iowa  sales office
  • 2007 – LuciData expands its Denver, Colorado footprint by opening its 2nd Forensics Lab
  • 2008 – LuciData expands into bigger office space at  it Minneapolis Headquarters
  • 2009 – LuciData purchases Juritek.net

FAQ’s – Questions we get asked all the time?

Where/Who is Lucy?

There is in fact no Lucy working at LuciData, so Lucy is no where to be found. The  name LuciData is a combination of Lucid and Data (see graphic above) and LuciData was created to “Bring Clarity to Data”

What is your favorite case to date?

We all have our favorites. Given the world’s reliance on electronic  devices, we don’t think that we will ever run out of favorite cases to talk about.

I’m not sure my case is going to move forward but I would really like to pick your brain on ideas for the case – how much will it cost me to chat for an hour?

There is never a charge for scope of services calls or running a case by us.  We want to be a trusted resource to our clients, someone who will give honest advice on your project.