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Have Huge Amounts of Data? Use Hosted Review to Manage Any Size Project.

LuciData is an Authorized iCONECT® Service Provider.

LuciData has scalable, reliable storage capacity to handle any size case. More importantly, the robust XERA™ platform, developed by iCONECT®, gives you tools and reports to manage all aspects of discovery data – such as searching, culling, and finding the “smoking gun” documents. LuciData can also produce documents as you need them.

Unpredictable expenses? Scalable, predictable costs.

Total cost of ownership is becoming a much-discussed topic in software technology circles. As a specialized provider, LuciData can deliver better features, better service and predictable costs to our clients. Our production framework allows us to offer some of the most competitive prices in the market has scalable, reliable storage capacity to handle any case. More importantly, the robust XERA™ solution gives you tools and reports to manage all aspects of discovery data – such as searching, culling, and finding the documents. LuciData can also produce documents as you need them.

Mobile, widespread workforce? Work securely online.

With a hosted, online solution your discovery review process will be entirely online. There are no software or hardware requirements for the firm, which means there are no size restraints. It also means everyone on the legal team can access the documents they need, where ever they are. Co-counsel in New York and Seattle can review the same smoking-gun documents at the same time.

Why did LuciData partner with iCONECT?

Built-in Security. A nine-level system exceeds the security standards of the U.S. Defense Information System Agency. Access can simply and easily be restricted by case, database, user or field.

Robust foundation. The most powerful solutions, like XERA™, are built on an SQL platform which  delivers speed and capacity for millions of records and terabytes of data. The structure is customizable and the data is stored for faster indexing and searching.

Native files, email and image support. Your legal team can view hundreds of native file types, without having to download special software. And the search features deliver all documents related to email messages, including images. Exporting and printing images is simplified, too.

Review workflow. With several customizable foldering and organizing options, it’s possible to review and classify at the same time. Status reports can be generated instantly to track overall project process. And new documents can be added quickly, at any time.

Intuitive and feature-rich interface. The interface can be customized with easy-to-use search features and toolbars to create folders, access folders, or export images and reports to PDF from anywhere in the program.

Powerful production tools. Batch print, burn to CD or DVD, email, FTP or export complete or selected to other software tools for the most convenient, cost-effective production. You can also track multiple production numbers in a searchable log for future reference.

Why LuciData?

LuciData is an innovative legal technology company. We deliver customized, comprehensive Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) and other litigation support solutions. We have the resources and expertise to help you turn data into useful information.

We ensure successful collaboration between lawyers and technology. Discovery review can be an enormous task. From start to finish, LuciData offers robust, flexible solutions that will change your e- Discovery experience. Managing people, processes, case matters, vendors, timelines and budgets is a complicated job. Managing IT issues and capacities adds another layer of complexity. We believe that lawyers should practice law – not act as data clerks. LuciData solutions are predictable, scalable and transparent. We can work with your existing systems and processes, or deliver a hosted option to connect you to your information.

We help mitigate unpredictable expenses. Due to the sheer scale of data volumes in current information technology, one of the biggest challenges of EDD is economic proportionality. Corporate and law firm clients alike are faced with balancing effective data investigations with steep and sometimes unwieldy project cost. LuciData delivers a complete, cohesive strategy that gives today’s fast-paced, time-crunched companies the tools needed to keep cost under control.

We understand the process and respect the unknown. It is far too easy to take for granted the steps involved in the electronic discovery process. From FRCP to data processing to producing to other parties, the EDD process is a large mechanical jigsaw puzzle with multiple opportunities for problems.
LuciData has experienced insight into the nuances of EDD processes, data types and sources as well as established methodologies for handling of data that are required for a foundation of successful EDD performance. Respecting the fact that data can often surprise even the most experienced investigator is critical to maintaining discipline and diligence.

We deliver effective results. How do you know you have located the information you are looking for? Have you found all of the valuable parcels of data that will best support your case? Have you identified 100% of all privileged information? Do you perform any re-tests or search validation so you can minimize false positives or strengthen the defensibility of your search logic? Do you have enough time to execute an effective investigation? LuciData will make sure all your questions are answered.

We strive to push quality at every step. Complicated timelines can challenge everyone but we are very dedicated to providing quality through constant communication and quality control processes.

We offer fair pricing. We do not charge for many incidentals that our competitors do. For example, we do not charge to numerate files at the document level during ingestion/extended meta-data extraction. Some competitors do that, but we already charge a fair price for the overall process so our philosophy is that charging for something that happens automatically is double-billing. Our billing philosophy is centered on human activity. If a technician inserts effort on a process, non-technical support related, we want to capture that effort in a charge. However, if the process is part a larger automated scheme, we only want to charge one rate for that automation. We also do not charge to load data into our review system. This is an enormous differentiator between LuciData and its competition.

We offer quality support. While innovative technology can help drive great results, it cannot deliver success alone. Every computer, methodology and software application is simply a tool for someone.  Ultimately, people need people to move towards their goals. LuciData is built on the premise that
technology is an exceptional vehicle to achieve great things, but expert people are required to manage the technology to get the best results. Whether it is technical support, 24/7 service, or immediate access to your project manager, LuciData develops the best people because they are the critical core of our service.