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Flat Fee Unlimited eDiscovery Data Pricing

LuciData’s Flat Fee Unlimited eDiscovery Pricing
Predictable Costs. Peace of Mind.

Is eDiscovery sending your litigation costs spiraling out of control?

With the high volume of data involved in eDiscovery, it’s easy to exceed your budget. But in today’s economy, exceeding your budget is not an option.

Enter LuciData’s Flat Fee Unlimited eDiscovery Pricing. For a flat annual fee, send LuciData your data – all your data – for one price. Proactively conduct eDiscovery with a predictable budget item.

Predict eDiscovery Costs

LuciData’s flat fee for corporations allows you to develop a predictable eDiscovery budget – with a
flexible billing plan. Eliminate headaches with procurement and planning – one cost, one year, one easy way to bill.

Your year of eDiscovery includes*:

  • Data Identification and Collection
  • Electronic Data Processing
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Data Culling and Analysis
  • Online Native Review Hosting
  • Post-Review Production
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • Consulting, Support, and Training

Enjoy Peace of Mind

LuciData’s expert capabilities and trusted consultants help mitigate the unpredictability of
litigation. Meet your deadlines and watch your eDiscovery projects run smoothly, quickly, and efficiently – without sacrificing quality. Our strong customer service heritage, excellent technical reputation, experience, and commitment to eDiscovery combine to provide the best possible services for your company.

Want to stretch your eDiscovery dollars further than ever?  Contact LuciData today!

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