Forensics Managed Service

LuciData’s Remote Collection Managed Service

Have Guidance’s Encase™ Enterprise but not the time or resources to run or manage the software effectively? Let LuciData help you get the most out of your software with our managed service offering and experience the highest level of managed service in the forensic industry.  LuciData’s Managed Service’s program provides you with experts who are current with today’s technology, and are at the forefront in the latest issues of data collection.  

Reduce Costs While Growing Your Team of Experts

No more having to worry about employee costs, office space or bias opinions.  Have LuciData’s certified Encase™ Experts on your team to remotely manage your Encase Enterprise, Encase eDiscovery and Encase Cybersecurity without having to wait for collection experts to get onsite.  Our team of forensic and eDiscovery consultants will increase your response rate, and ensure consistent collection methods.

The Benefits

Our experts help you quickly react to litigation collection, HR Issues, Incident response, IP theft investigations and employee transition with a streamlined process that delivers substantial and predictable cost savings.

Predictable, Subscription Based Pricing Options*

Choose from one of three pricing options which allow you to accurately budget your annual eDiscovery and Computer Forensic costs.

  • Option 1:         One monthly fee plus a per image charge
  • Option 2:         Agreed upon flat fee for 1 year with no per image cost – LuciData collects all the  data utilizing Encase™ for one year
  • Option 3:         Bundling Encase™ Enterprise Managed Service’s program with our eDiscovery Flat Fee program—a per year agreed upon flat fee

Partner with LuciData and the power of Encase to have the winning team on your side with LuciData’s Managed Service’s program!

*Terms and Conditions apply