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Firewalls and anti-virus protection prevent outsiders from infiltrating your computer networks. But what about those risks which come from the inside? What to do about new technology and policies like “bring-your-own device to work”?  Will the technology I purchase today affect my investigations of tomorrow?

Critical corporate information is routinely erased, leaked, abused, corrupted and mishandled by employees. Unintentionally, maliciously or sometimes, criminally. Why? Because they’re human. From downloading illegal material to financial fraud to theft of intellectual property (IP) and careless destruction or distribution of data, data loss is a reality. The consequences include lost customers, job cuts, costly litigation, public scandal, media scrutiny and lower market value.

Internal threats are fast becoming one of the most prevalent methods for loss of valuable corporate data. With no shortage of awareness regarding the potential for information leakage, the adoption of comprehensive preventative solutions is can be challenging and costly. However, by being proactive, businesses will be less likely to lose sensitive information. And more importantly, they will reduce
the likelihood that such a loss will be at the hands of an employee.

LuciData strong relationships with their best of breed vendors gives clients the confidence and assurance that their IP and critical data are secure against potential external leaks and vulnerabilities through its industry-leading expertise and knowledge regarding internal threat management, e-discovery and
data forensics.

LuciData is constantly evolving and growing its robust vendor solution set to bring its clients the most comprehensive and reliable internal threat management, e-discovery and forensics products. LuciData’s approach to providing innovative solutions, matched with outstanding customer service, is the main reason for its consistent client satisfaction and retention.

Let LuciData help you gain visibility into your own network to determine possible information leaks and general network abuse. Combined with our state-of-the-art e-discovery/forensics services and expertise we will enable you to view an exact picture of what is occurring on your network via a thorough analysis that will help you determine what your comprehensive network security plan should include.

Recommended Solutions Include:

Encryption Solutions

A single stolen laptop loaded with your organization’s most critical data could sink your business. To avoid disaster and keep your corporate data safe, a comprehensive security strategy must include a way to prevent data leakage from your mobile devices. LuciData’s expertise regarding the industries most comprehensive and effective full-disk encryption solutions assure business leaders that mobile devices are secure.

Device Control

The propagation of hardware such as USB memory sticks, FireWire external hard-drives, scanners, music players, digital cameras, PDAs, and CD/DVD burner drives are prevalent within most companies. Unfortunately, their presence increases internal threats by users who plug in devices that could compromise the security of your critical data. LuciData’s device control offerings enable only authorized devices to connect to a network, laptop or PC – facilitating security and systems management, while providing the necessary flexibility to the organization.

Mobile Device Management

The majority of CIOs and CTOs believe bring-your-own device policies will improve IT departments, according to research experts and bring-your-own device to work will probably be the norm within 5 years. But with “bring-your-own device to work” policy comes the challenge of truly protecting mobile devices and corporate enterprises. Bring-your-own device to work requires an end-to-end mobile security strategy. Device security is no longer enough. Security threats can occur at the network, application and data layers. LuciData has relationship offers best of breed Mobile Device Management solutions to fit your every need.

DLP Solutions

Content management solutions enable organizations to manage and monitor the employee use of, and access to, corporate and IP assets from Internet-based communication (email, Web, P2P, IM, etc) to software source code, corporate financials and competitive trade secrets. LuciData’s offerings will enforce your corporate policies which increase employee productivity, decrease the potential for internal threats, reduce the risk for legal liability while ensuring optimal use of your IT resources.

e-Discovery Solutions

Utilizing industry leading management solutions that are designed to process, analyze and review electronic documents and email. These online solutions can accelerate early case assessments and significantly reduce the operational strain and costs associated with the preservation, collection, processing review and production of relevant data. Your legal team will benefit from its transparency, full control, and easy access to all potentially relevant messages.

Forensic Products

LuciData performs tightly controlled, fully documented forensic investigations that obtain critical electronic data located on hard drives and other network systems. LuciData uses the latest and most widely recognized data forensic methodology and state-of-the-art, court proven tools to recover, preserve, authenticate, analyze and present relevant electronic data. Whether LuciData creates and manages a forensics lab on your behalf, or should you build one yourself, its staff of forensics experts can help you determine the right product portfolio to compliment your existing toolset. Let LuciData help you develop policies and procedures for responding to future computer incidents, and to identify, manage and mitigate future risk.